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El llenguatge Java no té Properties com el .Net, ni té paràmetres opcionals. En Java ofereix alternatives menys netes. Quantes vegades cal escriure el codi del getter, setter de la propietat, definir el Logger a partir del nom de la classe, picar el codi de l’equals o el hashCode(). Tot això es pot simplificar si es fa servir https://projectlombok.org/features/all


Finally! Hassle-free final local variables.


Mutably! Hassle-free local variables.


or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the NullPointerException.


Automatic resource management: Call your close() methods safely with no hassle.


Never write public int getFoo() {return foo;} again.


No need to start a debugger to see your fields: Just let lombok generate a toString for you!


Equality made easy: Generates hashCode and equals implementations from the fields of your object..

@NoArgsConstructor, @RequiredArgsConstructor and @AllArgsConstructor

Constructors made to order: Generates constructors that take no arguments, one argument per final / non-nullfield, or one argument for every field.


All together now: A shortcut for @ToString, @EqualsAndHashCode, @Getter on all fields, and @Setter on all non-final fields, and @RequiredArgsConstructor!


Immutable classes made very easy.


… and Bob’s your uncle: No-hassle fancy-pants APIs for object creation!


To boldly throw checked exceptions where no one has thrown them before!


synchronized done right: Don’t expose your locks.


Laziness is a virtue!


Captain’s Log, stardate 24435.7: “What was that line again?”

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